Why train? Why make a blog?

We started 2013 having registered for the Penticton GranFondo in July. After the big move last year, and multiple demands and adjustments, we needed at least one goal to get us back into training. New Year’s Day saw us running around False Creek, with Michaela taking a full-out sprawling fall thanks to a brick that jumped up from the pavement. An omen? We hope not, although our first spinning session yesterday brought out the multiple creaks and muscles aches from the months marked by minimal exercise. Some people may be interested in our crazy activities (maybe 4 of you?) in which case you can follow our activities via this blog. It will serves as a place to post our training journey, not really knowing what will transpire as the year progresses. We will be considering other prime goals, just not yet sure which ones? Will it be another destination marathon? Or a hiking excursion? Scuba diving? Or getting through the ski season without falling? It might be simply discovering a new wine….which qualifies as the “rest and recovery” part of any training plan.Image

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