Log Booms and Wreck Beach – Stuart

Old – Around NW Marine Drive, near UBC and Wreck Beach, one can look towards the airport and the Gulf of Georgia (which will be renamed the Salish Sea, BTW, don’t get me started) and see the tugboats tending to the log booms.  I can watch this for ages.  Not because I’m catching my breath (so much) but because this is probably one of the only examples of a transportation/logistics system that really hasn’t changed in over a century.  Maybe the tugs aren’t steam-powered anymore, but the simple concept of assembling a raft of logs and floating it downstream hasn’t changed.

Pausing after running along a beautiful (and almost deserted) Wreck Beach, Michaela announced that, as long as she doesn’t need to parade around,  she is going to come down in the summertime for an all-over tan, and avoid the normally biker tan.    (For anyone who doesn’t know, Wreck Beach is very much a clothing-optional beach.)  She probably will, too.

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