On the road again………

imageOr the path, to be more accurate.   After a couple of good weeks spent in restoration/relaxation mode, I was anxious to get going again.   So with bikes successfully rented, panniers successfully attached (and for anybody that has attached the aforementioned, easier said than done), and hosts thanked, we set off today to do the ride down the Danube.   First a train ride, then 50k on the paths, heading east.  Some challenging bits……….a flooded section, water at least two feet deep, and a gravel section within a clear-cut that would not have looked out of place in BC.  But overall very pretty, and we’ll signposted.

2 responses to “On the road again………

  1. Testing!! Are you receiving this?!! Bikes and equipment look great.. Better than painting a Deck!! Love, A&M

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