Another 53km between Nendingen (near Tuttlingen) to Sigmaringen. What is not mentioned in any guidebooks or on the blog reviews is that this section is extremely hilly -more like a mountain bike route and about 85% on loose gravel paths . The upward sections for the most part were at a grade that required our bikes to be pushed. Oh, and the rain!!! 20 minutes out it started, and 20 minutes after that we were soaked to the skin. For the rest of the day it varied between a light steady rain to torrential downpour, with a 45-minute teaser where it stopped only to start again before reaching Sigmaringen. We really cycled IN clouds today so much of this most scenic section was shrouded. We kept meeting up with 3 other couples on the route as we leap-frogged past each other’s putting on jackets or removing jackets, or simply standing under a bridge hoping for the rain to let up even a little. Got into town around 4:30 to call it a day, and got a room in the central plaza (hotel built in 1729 -fairly modern around here). Trying to dry out our clothes and hopefully will be able to visit the castle that we overlook in the morning. The rain has just started again after a couple hours break. Our jackets were supposed to be waterproof…and Michaela is not in the best of moods…imageimageimage

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