Dry & High (up)

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Literally, the bikers, drink ( beer & lemon fizz)

Literally, the bikers, drink ( beer & lemon fizz)

2days cycling in dry weather, through cornfields, valleys, streams, and towns, including an overnight above a brewery in Zwiefaltendorf, we have a day off bikes in Ulm (200 km to date). After the deluge, we had perfect cycling weather, and this area has very few people along. What the guidebooks don,t tell is that this area is far from flat, where we had to push our bikes up a 20% grade yesterday morning after which we were regaled with the virtues of an e-bike! We think we are going to buy e-bikes for Vancouver….

Ulm is noted for the highest church steeple in the world and we climbed all 786 steps after a heart breakfast this morning, followed by a short organ concert inside the cathedral. Lit candles for Mom/Klara as we took 20 minutes to reflect. Thence, a couple of hours of separate exploration time, are now sitting in a bar at the most beautiful city hall (Rathaus) we,ve seen with a glass of wine while a short thunderstorm passes over us – we believe it might be a greeting from Mom.

Stuart,s favourite part of Ulm is that it is easy to remember & pronounce. And discovering how good a Radler is mid-afternoon!

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