Four-Lake Cycle & Fall-Line Hiking

After spending a very busy time in the city visiting with family and friends through the Thanksgiving weekend, we were able to spend a few glorious days in Whistler. The intention was complete R & R which we have now realized that, for us, means “recreation and relaxation.”

Lazy mornings were followed by afternoons of outdoor activities which were followed by hot tubs, wine, and Netflix.

We re-acquainted ourselves with riding the rather hilly Valley Trail through deep woods, residential streets, vividly green golf courses, parks, and four lakes:  Green Lake, Alta Lake, Nita Lake, and Alpha Lake.

After skiing Whistler for our entire adult lives, for the first time we hiked up from Creekside. This climb is steeper than it looks and is surprisingly boggy on what looks like rocky outcrops. We also found some gentler gravel trails that skirted the mountain on each side. Glorious views abound amidst the persistent sounds of construction, which seems to be happening everywhere up here.


Next up:  thinking about winter plans….

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