After spending several summers enjoying the South Okanagan, we fell in love with a little cottage that we purchased in 2007. The idea was that one day, we would like to “retire” here. Between 2007 and 2016, between a smattering of long-term and short-term rentals, we treated this little house as a retreat from urban life in Vancouver…hence the name “rehab” (as in rehabilitating from the speed of city life). A few years ago, we found ourselves increasingly craving these breaks, especially in summer, where we could hike, bike, and swim outdoors, sip wine on the deck during sultry evenings, and where Michaela did much of her dissertation writing. Two years ago, we moved up here full-time (although with many months away in Van Gogh and many weeks visiting family on the coast or otherwise travelling).

From this little retreat…

  • Michaela completed a few local triathlons (including the 2007 Ironman Canada) and where Stuart did much triathlon sherpa duty:
  • We both trained for and completed the Axel Merck Gran Fondo (180km bike ride):

Start of Gran Fondo

  • enjoyed visits with family and friends:
  • visited lots and lots of wineries:
  • became regular patrons of the famous Saturday Market and Bad Tattoo Brewery:
  • explored the surrounding trails:
  • skied at Apex:


  • enjoyed concerts and cultural events indoors and out (especially Peach Fest):
  • gawked at the spectacular scenery:
  • enjoyed our little house and garden:
  • and even once came home from a visit to the coast to a giant pumpkin that grew on our driveway (a hardy seed from the compost bin?):


and developed a deep appreciation for how privileged we are to be able to live here.


Therefore, as most of you already know, after a year of working with a design team, we are about to embark on a very different kind of adventure:  BUILDING A NEW HOUSE!

Deconstruction is currently underway, demolition slated for mid-February, and building in March. Stay tuned!


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