…get set…


Real life Tetris! We spent the better part of January filling our 10 x 15 rented storage room before heading for an 8-day family vacation in the sun. We had a mere 3 days to pack before the movers came. In actuality, S had to do most of the packing as M was working. Of course, after an unseasonably mild winter to date, we arrived home to very cold weather and a touch of icy snow – just enough to add treachery to carrying bins and boxes out to the van.

It was incredibly difficult to find a 6-month rental (everyone wants a minimum 12-month lease). However, in mid-January, we did find one just a few blocks away based solely on the facts that (a) we were highly desirable tenants, and (b) this particular unit was “off the market” pending renovations. With slim pickings, but a good location, we jumped on it, and are now feeling like we’ve come full circle:  this apartment is reminiscent of our very first apartment in the West End of Vancouver in 1980. Even the decor is the same!

On the other hand, we do not have to fuss much about the state of the walls or carpeting. We even have a bit of a lake view and the deck is oriented to fabulous sunsets!


The next 2 weeks will involve prepping the house for demolition:  selling appliances & fixtures, windows & doors, and trying to salvage what might be re-useable (flooring, bathtub, lumber). Stay tuned for GO time…


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