…Go (?)


Most giant icicle!

Despite the coldest February in 70 years, we had several missions to accomplish in preparation for house demolition by the end of February.

Mission 1:  finish moving our things to the apartment (S uses a rental car while M is      trekking through the interior for work)


Mission 2:  sell whatever can be re-used–french doors, stove, fridge, bedroom furniture, air conditioner, front door, mattresses, medicine cabinet (our journey into Fb Marketplace and Castanet is worthy of its own blog post–suffice it to say we met several lovely buyers and dealt with many disingenuous time-wasters…). 


Mission 3:  Donate unsold items to ReStore (interior doors, baseboard heaters, patio table, range hood fan, storm door, electrical box–thanks LG for removing!)


Mission 4:  Move the items we’re re-using in new house into storage (this involved intricate timing around shutting off water and electricity)


Mission 5:  Removal of exterior pieces–we had a local citizen who wanted some windows and siding, and our neighbour took some gutters. Normally, these items come down with the house so there is an extra cost involved in salvaging such things for re-use. This was timed to coincide with the construction company taking possession of our property. This is how our house looks now (was there a tornado?)


Mission 6:  house gets demolished–here is where we are stuck. The house was supposed to be razed this past week, but the demolition crew cannot act until Fortis removes the gas meter. We’re still waiting for them to show up….which leads us to….

Final Mission: go to Barbados!  (demolition and foundation to be constructed while we’re away…if Fortis allows)









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