We are now inventing words….”strubbled” was an unintentional expression that combines “struggle” with “troubled” to perfectly sum up the period since our last post.

The relief we expressed at passing the blower test in the last post was short-lived. Turns out the system was not properly calibrated (and some other technical stuff) so the tests were redone….and redone….and redone. Yes, we had the blower test done 4 times! Between each test, it was a constant search for leaks followed by more taping/caulking/double-taping/insulation etc.

insulation everywhere


Even our designer gets into the micro-taping work!

This is the 4th and final test. M gets a chance to help with the smoke test (left pic).


At the end, even every single staple in the vapour barrier is sealed with tape. 



This process took up the month of August, which meant everything else that was supposed to happen was delayed…expensive delays. We witnessed builds that started much later pass us by, such as the house across the street getting siding installed.



M visits the kitchen cabinets that have been ready to install for almost 2 months (after drywall).

With the house now sealed, the last week of August involved a pre-drywall walk-thru where we identified a few required fixes.


when the plumber forgets to plumb for a floating vanity

During August, we continued to have visitors as all our sons (with partners & friends) came for a visit…


Even a visit from this special girl

But we’re now assured, absolutely, positively, 100%, you can bet on it, that the day after Labour Day will see the start of drywall, siding, and solar panel installation. After all, the scaffolding has been in place for a whole week!


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