The Waiting Game

It is said that patience is a virtue. If that is even remotely true, then we must be paragons of virtue!

Even with an extra day in February, the month was consumed with waiting…for materials to be ordered, for ordered materials to arrive, for things to get manufactured, for availability of trades, and for blocks of time to do our own tasks.

We had waited for countertops to be installed in the bathrooms and then we waited for the plumber to install faucets and sinks.


Now we’re waiting for these guys to make and install the shower glass walls/door. But wait! Shouldn’t we install the bathtub first? Probably, but that means waiting for the wallpaper that will be put up behind on the wall behind the tub. So the order of waiting now is:  arrival of wallpaper, install the wallpaper, get the plumber to install the tub, then the glass guys to install the shower surround.


This is the newly built stair fascia that was the result of S first finding someone to make stair rail guard, then coordinating the building of the fascia with the drywallers. Now we’re waiting for the glass panels and handrail to be constructed but we’re also waiting for our floor layer to make the stair treads and nosings that need to be installed before the glass.

We had finally the chance to pick up the closets from Ikea while in Vancouver. But we had to wait for Dr.M to have a few days off before installing them. This we did while both having colds and we survived building Ikea together! Now we have to wait to get the parts (e.g. shelves) they were out of.


We had waited for months to get the front door installed, then more time to receive the [special] lockset that was needed, and then had to wait for several weeks before a representative for the door company could come over and make the lock part fit into the lockset. But now we have a fully operational front door that is waiting for a patio for level entry.

We’re still waiting for siding to be completed. These guys are making some corrections to siding that was incorrectly installed. But the major wait is for the arrival of more siding that is a special order and should have been ordered long ago.


While we patiently waited for the mechanicals to be installed in the suite, and for the laundry closet to be extended (it was built too shallow), and for the drywalling to be finished, we didn’t notice that the dryer vent was misplaced. So S has had to open the wall to move the vent in order for the washer & dryer to fit in and be connected. So now we’ll have to again wait for any or all of the plumber, mechanical, or electrician to make this all work in a very tight space. And probably the drywaller too.


After waiting a couple of months, we finally got the HRV’s air exchange balanced. This involves measuring the movement of air (Cubic Ft/min) and adjusts the system so that each room is properly ventilated and the rooms are relatively equal for heat retention.


We’re now embarking on the process of door casings, window ledge, and baseboards. While S has the fancy mitre saw to make the beautiful corner cuts, M is relegated to using the manual saw at Rona so we can fit the lengths into the van (barely).

S is also gauging the weather on a daily basis as he has 4 large tubs of parging material (seals the foundation before backfill) but needs to wait for 5C for 24 hours before he can apply it. As it reached 15C today, we think the wait is over!

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