[Incompletely] Completed




We are officially “completed” !! At least from the City of Penticton’s perspective. For their purposes, exterior lighting, finishing the last 1% of siding, and the final grading of the lot had to be finished. We learned that final grading actually meant that the driveway, walkways, and patios needed to be done (counter to what the builder had told us way back when…).

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Of course, this was immediately followed by the need to start on some landscaping. S ordered enough topsoil for the whole neighbourhood. We started on the front planter boxes, some pots, and a small kitchen garden in the back. Thanks to J & E for their help in moving soil, both into the planters and flogging it amongst the neighbours 🙂

Disappointingly, but unsurprisingly, the cladding contractor failed to return to complete the last bits of siding. Despite our exhortations about the City (and insurance companies) needing this to be done, we were simply ‘ghosted.’ We have since learned that this is almost standard operating procedure amongst some sub-contractors. Our mistake was to not withhold more funds. S located another cladding company to complete this one-day task.

Other miscellaneous tasks included getting the kitchen backsplash installed, countertop and cabinets installed into the laundry closet, starting on baseboards & casings (thanks, E), setting up a murphy bed (S, M, J & E) and setting up a barbecue (S & J).

We’ve come to realize that the finishing and final touches will be ongoing. After all, is a home ever really “done” ?


As the suite is on a separate building permit, the completion status from the City is for the main house only. Therefore, most of our attention in the past couple of months has moved to finishing the suite to make it rental-ready. This was the space that has been most effected by pandemic-related delays (materials & trades). We have been working with a carpenter who has been fitting our smaller job around his main work schedule. S has been assisting him while M has been busy sourcing materials and furnishings for the suite. Now installed are the kitchenette, bathroom fixtures, baseboards and door casings, and blinds. All that is left to do is some touch-up painting, a window sill, and put in the furniture. Oh, and a banister (after everything else is in).


After being apart since Christmas, it was very special to have our children, partners, and pets visit us in our new home for the first time. Not only did they provide some much needed muscle for a variety of tasks, but they spoiled M with a Mother’s Day brunch worthy of the finest establishment.


The ladies arranged for us to do a painting party which was great fun. This is the result of 8 minds after being prompted by a short video example for inspiration. Thanks to C, K1, and K2 for putting it all together. We look forward to many more fun times ahead.





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